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Minimum Wage: Maritime Workers Ready to Shut Seaports

02/06/20242 minute read
Minimum Wage - Maritime Workers Ready to Shut Seaports

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has vowed to comply with the directives of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to shut down all economic activities at the nationwide seaports over the FG’s refusal to increase the minimum wage and investigate the new electricity tariffs.

In a press statement issued by Kennedy Ikemefuna, the head of Media at MWUN, he mentioned that the port workers will join the indefinite strike action by executing the total lockdown of the country’s seaports starting on Monday, June 3rd, 2024.

Leadership newspaper reported that the Labour Congress declared an indefinite strike action on Friday, to commence on Monday, due to the Federal Government’s failure to conclude on the national minimum wage and revert the new electricity tariff. MWUN is also ready to shut down seaports due to the failure to conclude on the minimum wage.

Notwithstanding, the statement captured Adewale Adeyanju, the president-general of MWUN, who said the union was obliged to accept the directive of TUC and NLC.

“The MWUN under Comrade Adeyanju’s leadership, has obliged to comply with the directive of TUC and NLC to take part in the indefinite total lockdown of the country kicking off from Monday, 3rd June,2024.

“The indefinite nationwide strike action has become quite imperative, adding with the failure of the Federal Government on the logjam and the unsettled national minimum wage negotiation and the government’s refusal to reverse the electricity tariff hike.”

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