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April 2024

What’s New Today?

  • Understanding the Causes of Poverty in Africa

    There are 54 countries in Africa. Each one boasts an abundance of natural resources, from oil and gas to minerals and fertile land. Proven oil reserves in Africa are estimated at a staggering 7.1 billion barrels, while natural gas reserves stand at a colossal 50 trillion cubic meters. Africa also holds an impressive 60% of…


  • Libya dethrones Nigeria as largest oil producer in Africa

    Africa’s oil production landscape is experiencing a shift, according to data from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The April 2024 Monthly Oil Market Report (MOMR) reveals that Libya overtook Nigeria as the top producer in March 2024. Libya’s crude oil production climbed to 1.236 million barrels per day (bpd) in March, compared…


  • Navigating Career Transitions: 7 Tips for Switching Industries or Roles

    Like the human biological growth cycle, our professional drive tends to change pace from time to time. This happens due to reasons such as career unfulfillment, low monthly salary without benefits, unrealized potential after active years in a particular role, position, or industry, and curiosity—an emotion we often feel and sometimes fall for. However, as…


  • How to Leverage Social Media for Career Growth

    Social media plays a huge role in today’s offline and online work. Unlocking your career’s potential requires much more than your qualifications and experience. It’s about successfully leveraging social media’s power for career growth. Social media is prevalent in almost every aspect of our daily lives. However, only a few people have considered using it…


  • Understanding Market Trends in Nigeria: How to Identify Opportunities and Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Market trends are like fashion in Nigeria; they revolve and each reign for a season. So, we often keep tabs on them, anticipating the next best style of the season. In the business world, this practice is similar. But instead of keeping tabs on clothes, business owners or analysts like you keep tabs on the…


  • How to File Personal and Company Income Tax Returns in Nigeria

    Filing your personal and company income tax in Nigeria is a legal obligation for individuals who earn income within the country. In Nigeria, the tax system is administered by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) at the federal level and the State Internal Revenue Services (SIRS) at the state level. Every responsible income-earning individual or…


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