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Suotunimi Orufa is a seasoned writer, media strategist, and content developer dedicated to covering Africa's evolving economic landscape through captivating business news stories. Her writing portfolio spans diverse topics, from deciphering monetary policy nuances and their tangible influence on the continent's development trajectory, to profile thriving enterprises across the continent. She has covered topics such as the Naira's historic fall, economic policies shaping North Africa, and the potential of Nigeria's soft power in the export market. Holding a degree in Mass Communication from Novena University, Delta State, Nigeria, Suotunimi has meticulously carved a niche for herself in the business and economic writing sphere over half a decade. Driven by a love for storytelling, a commitment to clear communication, and true journalism, Suotunimi's work goes beyond mere reporting. She leverages econometric analysis to dissect economic trends, forecast market shifts, and provide insightful analysis of economic policies and their impact on the everyday lives of Africans. This allows her audience to grasp the true scope of these policies and make informed decisions. Her work transcends written content as she also produces engaging video content and podcasts and has hosted several live events. Her contributions have garnered recognition on local and international platforms, solidifying her as a leading voice in African business and economics.
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