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Budget Travel Tips: How to Explore the World Without Breaking the Bank

24/03/20245 minute read
Budget Travel Tips - How To Explore The World Without Breaking The Bank

Every Nigerian state has breathtaking sights such as Yankari Games Reserve, Obudu Mountain Resort, Ibom Icon Golf Resort, and so much more. But like Oliver Twist, we always want to see more. Though the world is blessed with many beautiful locations for exploration, traveling to countries that have those localities can be very expensive.

However, whether you’re a Nigerian who earns about a medium or high thousand naira per month, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to plan the Central Bank heist to take a vacation to those dream destinations on your travel wish list. There are tips to help you mark them off.

Continue reading to discover 10 great budget tips for traveling the world seamlessly on a budget without breaking the bank.

We are your guide. Catch up with these ten tips!

1. Draft a flexible travel itinerary and its realistic funding

You can always go right with proper planning and preparation. Before setting off on your world tour, draft a flexible travel itinerary that discloses the time you intend to spend in a particular destination. Knowing this time frame activates budget-consciousness. This is also crucial since realistic funding ensures your financial security.

2. Research your dream destinations

Conduct this considering factors such as natural beauty locations, high-security statistics, cultural significance, and most importantly, AFFORDABILITY. While the possibility of traveling the world is likely, some countries cost more than others.

3. Book economical transportation

Many first-time travelers have revealed that their first trip was made with cars, buses, and trains. Currently, a travel sensation, Pelumi Nubi, went on a solo road trip from London to Lagos by car. You can use these means if you wish, but a plane is an alternative. Book flight tickets months before your departure time to get discount prices that save you money.

4. Hack your accommodation

Determining where and an amount to find a comfortable short-lease accommodation has been made easier with the Internet. Look up an affordable but secure guest hotel if you love a private space and a hostel if you are keen on sharing spaces.

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5. Pack for ease

One sure way to avoid being heavily charged at the airport luggage claim is to pack for ease. To do this, pack clothes and fabrics conducive to the weather of your visiting destination. Another bonus to packing easily is that you will feel more motivated to explore shopping in this new locality.

6. Follow travel content creators online

The Nigerian content-making stage had tremendous talents and has shone a spotlight on these Creators who educate and update Nigerians with their insightful travel tours and tips. Alma Asinobi has gained recognition on social media for her travel videos, budget tips, and awe-inspiring partnerships with travel brands. Keep up with her on X and Instagram.

Travelletters, a Substack newsletter with 9,000 subscribers, was launched by its owner, Munachisomsoo, in September 2022 to share tips on visas, destinations, flights, and everything travel. She tweets here. On YouTube, Taylor Aina’s channel enjoys a solid media presence for its travel content, featuring interviews and showcasing diverse cultural history and significance.

7. Go with friends

“All hands on deck” is an effective technique to cut costs when planning your next destination. Going with trusted friends also offers emotional support if you dread navigating new destinations alone. It’s even become a common hack to tell strangers you meet in new localities that you’re in the company of friends and never by yourself. And if you have trouble making friends, traveling with friends keeps the boredom away.

8. Embrace the newness

Knowing and accepting the entirety of your new destination can be a lot to take in at first. Try to bond with locals by visiting major marketplaces, buying from their sellers, and engaging in chit-chat with them. Also, attending festivals held during the time you visit works too, as this immerses you in their culture and history.

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9. Put your cooking skills to personal use

Fine dining is tempting but luxurious. To save a useful percentage of money when in your new destination, cook familiar meals that your taste buds will thank you for. Trying new cuisines peculiar to the location is commendable. You can find guide manuals for this by searching for cookbooks online or asking local chefs for traditional recipes.

10. Be open to public transportation

Everyone knows public transportation offers cheap prices, but sometimes it is uncomfortable and slow. Think less of its disadvantages and be open to various means of public transportation. A research study revealed that students of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, reduce their carbon footprint when they take buses and trains more because it decreases the daily number of cars on roads, harming the green environment with black smoke.

How To Get Travel Visas As A Nigerian

As a Nigerian, obtaining a travel visa requires meticulous preparation and adherence to certain regulations. Find the embassy or consulate of the intended country in Nigeria and familiarize yourself with their visa application procedure before proceeding. Assemble the required paperwork, including financial statements, a valid passport, an application for a visa, a travel schedule, and evidence of lodging. Additional documents, such as an invitation letter or evidence of family ties to Nigeria, can be needed by other nations. Make sure that every document is current and accurate. If necessary, make an appointment and show up for any interviews. Anticipate possible delays and inquire about the progress of your application.

The Bottom Line

Exploring the world on a budget is not only doable but amazing. By drafting a flexible travel itinerary and realistically funding it, researching dream destinations, booking economical transportation, sorting your accommodation, following travel creators online, and going with friends, you will create memorable experiences without breaking the bank.

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